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The moment an individual decides to get a lawyer in the US, and then he/she has to choose a specific lawyer who is versed with the particular issue to be handled. There are numerous lawyers in the market but the choice of a lawyer an individual chooses could determine the outcome of a case; positive or negative. Many reputable law firms are available to offer expert advice and an array of services an individual wishes to procure. This may require doing a small interview on phone with each law firm to try and identify one that is ideal either a law company, a lawyer practicing on his own etc. below is a guide that can be used to establish whether the lawyer is right for you or not.

Questions to Ask

Enquire whether the lawyer or law firm does offer free consultation and if that is not the case what are the charges and the duration. Secondly the individual should find out what the fee arrangement is required, negotiations and any other information regarding costs that could be useful. Find out the length of time he has practiced, get details of their licensing, find out whether there are any references. If it’s not possible for the lawyer or law firm to handle the case, find out who they would refer to you. Then make sure you get advice on the information that is required to execute your case if it is taken up by the law company or a lawyer in the US. If the lawyer offering the legal services is open, find out whether the workload at hand will allow your case to be taken up, to gauge whether they will have enough time to dedicate to your case. Once a meeting has been set up then the individual should be armed for the initial contact with all the documents that may be required regarding the case.


Hooper Hathaway has been ranked as one of the best law firm in the us in the year 2015 in the edition of us news best lawyers where James Beuche, Mark Daane, Charles Borgdorf, Angela Jackson, Bruce Wallace and Marta Manildi were all acclaimed a being the best lawyers in US. This company practices in antitrust, corporate law, environmental law, immigration, appellate etc the list is endless since it is a full service law firm. This law firm succeeds an older law practice in Ann Arbor but has grown in the years encompass all the needs of their client base. Average attorney fees in the US will range between $200 and $1000 per hour but a correct figure can be gotten by purchasing the ALM legal intelligence. The data has been compiled from 159 largest law firms in the nation out of the 350 with the rates including the averages, the lows and the highs partners. The data was arrived at by asking the firm to provide the hourly billing rates for both the partners and the associates.

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